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Introduction to Enterprise Computing

Z12 Mainframe

This course provides an introduction to concepts of Enterprise Computing, and the role of the System z hardware and its primary operating system z/OS in the Enterprise Computing environment.  The course runs for 8 weeks and is offered at no cost.  Multimedia course content is delivered using the Marist College premier iLearn course management system accessed via the web.  The course is intended for participants who wish to begin their studies of System z or expand their understanding of large systems with an emphasis on commercial computing.  The introductory segment provides a general overview of Enterprise Computing. This is followed with an introduction to the System z enterprise server hardware and its operating system, z/OS.  Enterprise computing involves many different types of workloads; for example, transaction processing, business analytics, end user interactive computing, web serving, data serving, batch, and many others.  This short course will provide an overview of two very important Enterprise Computing workloads; end user interactive computing and batch processing and their related technologies.  Once the participant has successfully completed this course, he/she will be well positioned to continue learning about the many other aspects of Enterprise Computing, e.g. Enterprise Networking, Security, Reliability, and Database Managers, depending on his/her area of interest and expertise.