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Robert Cannistra

Distinguished Professional Lecturer

Software Defined Networking

Matthew Johnson

Senior Professional Lecturer

Mobile Application Development

Angelo F. Corridori

Director of Enterprise Computing Education
Introduction to Enterprise Computing


Introduction to Enterprise Computing




This course provides an introduction to concepts of Enterprise Computing, and the role of the System z hardware and its primary operating system z/OS in the Enterprise Computing environment.  The course has 8 modules and is offered at no cost.



Instructor:  Matthew Johnson

This course provides an introduction to mobile applications and app development using IBM Worklight. Students develop an understanding of the promise and challenges of deploying mobile solutions, and have the opportunity to explore the various components of the Worklight platform. The course has 8 modules and is offered at no cost.


Instructor:  Robert Cannistra

This course focuses on Software Defined Networking (SDN) - an emerging, dynamic and adaptable architecture that decouples the control plane from the data plane of a traditional network.  This course will cover an introduction to SDN, open standards, the OpenFlow protocol, controller platforms,  Network Functions Virtualizaiton (NFV), various use cases where traditional networking might not be the best solution and we will pull it all together at the end of the course within an SDN-enabled infrastructure. 


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